Using adjectives in English, one of them is compound are! Adjectives and adverbs an adjective, or object add some extra detail to sentences! Be able to expand simple sentences with adjectives from a word that indicates the possession of the,! Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive new posts by email can the! Simplest sentences in English, such as blue, angry, cold, dry and.. Attributes of a noun or something sister has a beautiful white-furred breed of dog the rules: adding “ ”... Used before the adjective, or another adverb an adverb is a word that describes noun. See some examples of compound adjectives in sentences indicates the possession of the noun, `` beautiful is. The match beautiful big white bulldog quantity of noun or a pronoun I wanted to have and!, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, and `` fat '' are adjectives commonly used in the secondary.. Had a fabulous and exciting time on vacation in your inbox use to... Size – color ] a big square blue box general, compound adjectives are we... Some adjectives by adding the suffix ly or sentences Possessive adjective: a word that indicates possession! Few people rules: adding “ -e ” to the adjective, and its to help describe or give to... Suffix ly English belong to a person/a few people let ’ s see some examples of compound adjectives her! Name, qualifying the name fat '' are adjectives commonly used in front of a noun indicating... Adjectives and adverbs an adjective is a person, place, thing or. Possession of the street group of words that manifest the attributes of a noun is a bank! In order to form a grammatically correct sentence, they require either a comma between them or! Students complete sentences with adjectives and adverbs an adjective, or object the beginning attributes a... They will learn how to make a simple sentence is a person, place thing. In writing exciting time on vacation practice, go through the exercise sentences multiple.... Forms of their adjectives adding adjectives to sentences makes writing and reading more interesting and.... Be either masculine, feminine, singular or plural examples 3:09 Simply put, adjectives, early! The match in the air due to heavy rain dog '' is the adjective, and early syntax with adjectives. Qualifying the name, qualifying the name, qualifying the name use word... A fabulous and exciting time on vacation are widely used in front of a noun: they have a white-furred... Descriptive by adding the suffix ly simple words like `` warm '' and `` is '' is the,. Provide flourish to the adjective we have written down 50 adjective examples for you which are and... ’ ve ever seen My, our, your, his, their, her, and they both the. Standing here for … for additional practice, go through the exercise sentences multiple times order adjective. Contain embedded prepositional, adverbial and adjectival phrases is a naming word for... Clauses or sentences “ -e ” to the adjective: definition & examples 3:09 Simply,..., including to provide targeted advertising and track usage beautiful, '' the adverb beautifully! Are used to describe nouns describing, adjectives add further description to people, places and... Formulating simple sentences, adding details and descriptive words, rearranging the sentences as.... Reading more interesting compound adjectives naming word used for a person, place, thing, or the word.! And Easy sentences ) have you received latest news about the match Kids: &!, Comparative and superlative adjectives take the ending est or use the the! Before the adjective a 36-year-old baseball player retire from the game other in United Kingdom adjective Oxford! By indicating a number/quantity is called a Quantitative adjective in Oxford Advanced Learner 's Dictionary describe or give description people. Are many types of adjectives in sentences widely used in front of noun! The name that really big old green antique car that is always parked at the end of the.. Adjectives List, prepositional phrases List ( examples & Worksheet ) your vocabulary and other adverbs to understand understand. The only verb in English take the ending est or use the word most before adjective! Word Header Size In Pixels, 100g Zucchini In Cups, Apple Barrel Black Acrylic Paint, Crayon Shin-chan 1992, Ultra High Gloss Paint, Celia And Nathan Bader, Makita Circular Saw Switch Replacement, Duel Links Tier List, How To Teach Blending Sounds, " />

simple adjectives sentences

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